Symbiose Kéfir

Symbiose Kéfir is a responsible producer of organic fruit kefir. A fermented, low-sugar, fizzy artisanal beverage, made with real kefir grains selected for their richness in natural probiotics.

Studio 5•5 was commissioned to redesign the entire brand identity, including bottle ranges, shipping packaging, website, social networks and photographic art direction.

The visual identity is based on 3 concepts: the living nature of the drink, the makers' mindset and the community spirit. The "living" side of kefir is expressed through the watercolor splashes. 

As for the packaging, the redesign has made it possible to affirm Symbiose Kéfir's identity and commitments on its bottle, and to clarify the ranges by reinforcing the differentiation between fruit Kefirs and Probiotic Waters.

(NOTE) Project carried out at Studio 5•5, in collaboration with Boris Gautier


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