Hi there! I’m a French Graphic Designer 
currently based in Lisbon.


After graduating from a design school in Paris with a Bachelor’s Degree, I got to work for a year at Studio 5•5 for esteemed clients like Petit Bateau, Dacia, and Oberflex. This role was a vital stepping stone, leading me to embrace the freelance world where I could apply my skills and vision more flexibly.

My previous experiences allowed me to master Branding, whilst also offering services in Web Design, Edition, and Signage. A distinctive feature of my work is the emphasis on sustainability, where I aim to balance impactful design with environmental consciousness. My approach is dynamic, colorful, and bold.

My experience include in-house and remote working. This flexibility has not only broadened my professional network but has also significantly enhanced my skills in organization and project management. This evolution in my capabilities has been instrumental in handling diverse projects efficiently and effectively, regardless of the physical distance.


Currently Freelance Graphic Designer
2022/2023 Intern & Freelance Graphic Designer at Studio 5•5, Paris
2022 Freelance Graphic Designer for OFA KARRI, Lisbon
2021  Intern at Imparfaite, Paris


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